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Green Living Tips For The Workplace

To a lot of people "green living" means driving a hybrid car or building a backyard wind farm to power your house. While those are certainly noble efforts, they're also quite expensive. Living a green lifestyle doesn't require you to drop tens of thousands of dollars. Its more about simple choices and subtle changes to your lifestyle that help reduce your impact on the environment.

Take your workplace for example. Whether you work in a cubicle, a garage, a restaurant, a dentist's office, or anywhere else...I guarantee you can find ways to reduce waste and conserve energy. Let's brainstorm a few ideas together:

Carpooling with coworkers and keep a couple of cars off the road. You'll save money on gas and reduce nasty emissions that clog up the atmosphere. Working from home will have the same effect.

Use recycled or refillable ink cartridges in printers and copy machines.

Set up a recycling area and encourage employees to separate glass, plastics, and paper for recycling.

Send correspondence through email instead of a letter.

Stop printing every email you get. Most of it ends up in the trash anyway so print only what you need.

Don't just toss out your used printer paper. Save it and use it for scrap and writing notes or shred it and use for packing material.

Replace all of your lights with energy efficient bulbs.

Encourage employees to shut down or use power-saving modes on their computers each night.

Most of us drink coffee at work and all those paper and styrofoam cups add up in our landfills. Ditch them for good and use a coffee mug instead.

If your are an employer or office manager you can implement these ideas right away. If not, you'll have to go to your boss and make some suggestions. Emphasize the financial savings the company may gain and they'll be more willing to hear you out.

These simple ideas may not seem significant by themselves but if you add them all they can have a huge impact on our environment and on the company's bottom line.