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Green Living Handbook: A 6 Step Program to Create an Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle
Winner of the EPA Environmental Quality Award

If you're like many people, you have a vague sense of what you should be doing to reduce your impact on the environment, but you don't know where to begin. You may feel overwhelmed. Or you may have gone as far as you know how, and need support to take the next step. Green Living Handbook will assist you in translating your desire to do the right thing into a program of environmental action that will make a difference.

Now available for the first time in bookstores, Green Living Handbook is already one of the most successful environmental books ever written. Translated into 22 languages, with over 250,000 copies sold through its unique grassroots distribution model, David Gershon s in-depth program for sustainable living is the fulcrum of a global movement that is changing the way the world thinks about going green.

Originally published under the title EcoTeam, Green Living Handbook has been driving environmental behavior change in cities, faith communities, universities, and businesses for over a decade. Much more than another collection of eco-tips for the newly green, this illustrated workbook walks readers step-by-step through a comprehensive lifestyle transformation program that has proven it can get results. Thousands of past participants of the program have reduced their environmental footprint by 25% on average.

Gershon s unique combination of easy-to-follow action recipes engaged in a context of peer support has won the acclaim of the President s Council on Sustainable Development, the US Department of Energy, and numerous state environmental agencies. The book has also won six national awards and honors, including the EPA Environmental Quality Award and the Renew America Award, and was first runner up for Renew America s best sustainability program of the decade .

In a time when more and more Americans are seeking sustainable lifestyles, Green Living Handbook is perfectly poised to help thousands of Americans translate their good intentions into action and contribute to a sustainable future for us all.

What You Will Learn

The program simplifies the at times overwhelming volume of green lifestyle information, and divides it into six steps, each carried out over a two week period.

Step 1: Reducing Your Solid Waste

Step 2: Water Efficiency

Step 3: Energy Efficiency

Step 4: Transportation Efficiency

Step 5: Eco-wise Consuming

Step 6: Empowering Others

This easy-to-use program will also help you form an EcoTeam of friends, neighbors, co-workers, or household members to provide you the motivation and support to follow through with your good intentions.

Saving the planet begins with each of us. Thank you for doing your part!



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