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Journey for the Planet: A Kid's Five Week Adventure to Create an Earth-friendly Life
Journey for the Planet: A Kid s 5-Week Adventure to Create an Earth-Friendly Life is a fun, engaging illustrated workbook for every child who wants to make a difference for the world. Drawing on his successful Green Living Handbook, which sold over 250,000 copies worldwide, environmental change pioneer David Gershon guides children through a series of action steps that can impact both climate change and the environment as a whole.

The book s core message is one of empowerment. Taught by a series of animal characters, each of its 46 action lessons illustrates in clear, accessible language exactly how a simple change in the child s behavior can positively impact the environment. The book s pilot program, which engaged 4,000 children in schools across the country, was praised by teachers, students and parents alike as an invaluable resource that empowers kids with the precious knowledge that they have the power to take the future into their own hands.

If you have children, nieces, nephews or students, you ve probably seen the concern they feel for what is happening to our environment. Now, they have a program to help them translate that concern into concrete action, and feel the heroism of being part of the solution.

The Need

Children instinctively realize the importance of saving the planet not simply because it's their inheritance, but because it's the right thing to do. But many children are held back from taking action because they don't know what to do or how to do it. To be empowered, children need a step-by-step program that gives them support to translate their caring for the Earth into effective action.

What You Will Learn

Journey for the Planet was created to meet these needs.

The Journey has five sections, dealing with garbage, water, energy, eco-wise consumerism, and empowering others. Each has its own cartoon animal guide to lead the way. The 46 actions in the program include:

"No Garbage Lunches" using reusable packaging

"Aquacop" hunting down dripping faucets

"Chill Out in Your Room" finding air leaks that cause energy loss

"Squash Party" carpooling

"Charge It!" switching to rechargeable batteries

"What Goes Around Came Around" buying recycled paper products.

Each action is worth a certain number of points. Children who complete enough actions earn a "Global Hero" certificate.

Children are able to do the program on their own, or as part of a classroom or club. The adult leader's guidebook (Coach s Guide) has lesson plans to enrich the child's educational experience, and guidelines on how to form children into a peer support group or EcoTeam.

Key Points

The book encourages kids to form an EcoTeam with other kids in their school to do the program together. This will lead to rapid word-of-mouth dissemination.

The book makes a perfect companion volume to Gershon s already successful Low Carbon Diet and Green Living Handbook, both of which engage adults in a step-by-step program to reduce their environmental impact. Participating parents who want to give their kids a way to join them in going green can buy both books.

The book is a direct outgrowth of David Gershon s acclaimed Green Living program. Praised by local and national government leaders as the most effective environmental behavior change program in existence, Green Living Handbook has helped over 250,000 people reduce their environmental footprint by 25%.



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