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Living Phonics Handbook: Green: Word Building 1: CVC Words and Consonants (Living Phonics)
Living Phonics is a programme designed to teach children the basics of reading and writing. It has been used extensively in schools, with very positive results, particularly for those children who are less able to connect the letter sounds with written letters and words. Book Two in the Living Phonics series covers the first stages of word building: CVC words and consonants. Using the 'jam sandwich' as the model for all word building, the book contains 40 lessons, all laid out and ready for you to use, with easy to follow lesson support, covering: CVC words and short vowels; CCVC and CCCVC word lessons; CVCC words and consonants with multiple graphemes; Each lesson includes a lesson plan and accompanying photocopiable worksheet, laid our for easy reference and use. Lessons are supported by an extensive range of photocopiable charts and additional worksheets. The Book also includes guidance and tips for teachers of making the most of Living Phonics, including a simple 'Getting Started' section as well as a step-by-step guide to using the lesson plans.

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