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Mascord Efficient Living
Green Building Made Easy! Alan Mascord Design Associates, a national leader in groundbreaking design, presents Efficient Living over 50 new and innovative house plans that meet and exceed Energy Star and national green building standards, including LEED® for Homes, National Green Building ProgramTM, and ENERGY STAR. Efficient Living takes the guesswork out of environmentally conscious design and construction. From the latest findings on energy and water consumption to extensive discussion on building materials, this book charts the most recent developments in eco-conscious living, to ensure that you ll design and build with greater foresight, and with a healthier impact on your environment, than ever before. Rest assured, going green doesn t mean sacrificing your sense of style. With Efficient Living, you ll understand how small, simple purchase decisions can have a significant impact on your environment...without changing your lifestyle. In this book, you ll learn: How to incorporate principles of design with healthy living choices. How to utilize renewable materials and expend less energy. How to best take advantage of local materials and resources. How to maximize the latest technology and recycling methods The basic concepts, ideas, and theories behind green building, design and sustainable living Things to consider before, during and after the construction of your home. This book also includes a CD-Rom featuring: Google(TM) Sketch Up software, for customizing 3-D kitchen plans. 3D kitchen models featuring the Digital Green (TM)Portfolio and Google 3D Warehouse interactive features. Access to support and required forms for Green Building certification. Access to over 500 more efficient house plans. Whether you are designing your dream home, considering building materials and appliances, or simply looking to lower your monthly utility costs Mascord Efficient Living gives you the green light you ve been waiting for.

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