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The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction (Green Source): Sustainable Construction for Engineers (GreenSource Books)

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Green Homes: New Ideas for Sustainable Living
GREEN HOMES presents the latest innovations in sustainable architecture in design. After an introductory interview with an international specialist in green building, the book features 35 projects, including houses, apartments, offices, sports facilities, and factories. It explores various aspects
How to Get a Green Card: Legal Ways to Stay in the U.S.A (How to Get a Green Card)
An up-to-date guide to U.S. immigration policies explains how to qualify for a green card, work with the INS, prepare and present the proper forms and documents, and cope with INS fees, quotas, and procedures. Original. IP.
Picture Yourself Going Green: Step-by-Step Instruction for Living a Budget-Conscious, Earth-Friendly Lifestyle in Eight Weeks or Less (Environmental Issues)
This book is a hands-on, cost-conscious guide to going green. It leads readers through an eight-week plan that will have them living green in no time without breaking the bank. The book introduces simple changes that readers can make right away to start living a more earth-friendly lifestyle. Each
Green Guide: The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely
Paper or plastic? Organic or conventional? In a world that is rapidly going "green," how does the average person make decisions that are smart for the family—and good for the planet? The Green Guide is here to help, with the concepts and choices for Earth-conscious living. Presented in concise,
The Green Guide to Daily Living
Everyone wants to go green, but where do you start? The Green Guide to Daily Living makes living more lightly on the planet easy to accomplish through small adjustments in daily life. Packed with facts and bottom-line information that simplify choices for harried consumers who are overwhelmed by too
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Green Living
Studies show that while 80% of us are concerned about environmental problems and keen to do our bit, most of us are too lazy to do anything more than basic recycling and switching off lights as we exit rooms. The good news is you don't have to be an eco-warrior, grow your hair and hug a tree to make
The Green Beret in You: Living with Total Commitment to Family, Career, Sports and Life
The Green Beret in You is look at the way Green Berets live there lives through honor, integrity, and discipline. Our organization feels that American men, and men all over the world, could benefit from reading this book. The majority of American men have lost their warriorship and it is time they
William the Garbage Truck & Crew: William is Going Green (William the Garbage Truck & Crew)
William Is Going Green is the first book in the William the Garbage Truck series. Starting out as a smoky white garbage truck, William learns about conservation, makes friends, and eventually transforms into a green hybrid recycling truck committed to the fight against global warming. Join William
Living Green: the New Zealand Handbook for an Eco-friendly, Toxin-free, Sustainable Life
Green issues are hot, and they are here to stay. But where can New Zealanders find an authoritative yet neutral voice that is packed with the facts they need to make informed life-changing decisions? Living Green is a 'bible' for every New Zealand family: an assiduously researched and effortlessly
The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Environmentally-Friendly Living
Developed for those who would like to teach their children about green living, this guide offers parents hints for things they can do for and with their kids to lead more environmentally friendly lives. From how to save energy to how to reuse and recycle everything, this resource offers advice for